Off the Hook

A blog post by Albert Semple

19 May 2023

Inspired by a comment on a car forum that made me chuckle, I nabbed it and made it into a poem.

Speeding down Commercial Street
 on Thursday in the rain.
I didn't see the camera
 that monitored my lane.
I triggered it to double flash —
 was going far too fast.
I had been in a hurry,
 and was feeling quite harassed.
I thought no more about it
 'til a letter made me pause:
The police sent me a form
 enquiring who the driver was,
Declared intent to prosecute
 for my excessive speed
For fifty in a thirty limit —
 asking how I'd plead.
They think they've got me bang to rights,
 but justice will prevail
'Cos I've devised a plan
 I think will keep me out of jail:
Returning to the locus
 where the camera's set out;
Reversing past at fifty
 so my tickets cancel out.
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