of Final-Stressed Rhymes

What is this?

This rhyming dictionary contains words and sounds suitable for use in poetry written for the Scottish pronunciation of English. I wrote this to combat my documented frustrations with existing online rhyming dictionaries.

I've used the term "Final-Stressed" to describe the words, as it only includes rhymes where there is stress on the final syllable — either a primary or secondary stress. So in this dictionary you'll find rhymes for "deter" (i.e. stress on ER, e.g. detER) but not "better" (i.e. stress on BET, e.g. BETter).

Another term for these words is "masculine rhymes" but arbitrarily assigning genders to abstract concepts in the 21st century is problematic, so I've used the term "Final-Stressed".

This provides a set of rhymes decluttered of duplicates, spelling variations, and metrically incompatiable words when writing Scottish-English poetry which strictly adheres to rhyme scheme and iambic or anapestic meter.

The site has been designed to provide a high-performance, accessible, and clutter-free rhyming dictionary to visitors.

Editorial Principles

The compilation of this dictionary has been underpinned by the following editorial principles:


Albert Semple is identified as the sole author of this dictionary, having compiled it personally, reviewing each word for compatible rhyme and metre in Scottish-English pronunciation.

The following existing dictionaries were used to inform the long-list of candidate rhymes which were de-duplicated and filtered down for final stress.