Albert Semple

Collections of Bad Poetry

Albert Semple is a poet born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1980. This page collates his poems into collections by theme, such as Burns-inspired poetry, Canterbury Tales-inspired, humourous verse and portraiture. Some poems appear in multiple collections. His complete works can also be accessed via the A-to-Z index.

Light Humour
(539 lines over 36 poems)

Collection of humorous poems, often written in character where the narrator may be the butt of the joke.

Dark Humour
(369 lines over 13 poems)

A counterpoint to the collection of light humour poems, these are humourous poems with a dark twist or regarding a dark subject matter.

Bad Puns
(111 lines over 14 poems)

It's almost like I've taken a bunch of dad jokes and made them rhyme. In fact, that's exactly what I've done.

Burns' Night
(281 lines over 4 poems)

Collection of poems inspired by the works of Robert Burns (25 January 1759 — 21 July 1796).

Scots Language
(183 lines over 13 poems)

I used to put all my Scots language poems in the 'Burns Night' collection, even those that had nothing to do with Burns (other than the language used), but the Scots language is so much bigger than just Burns, so I decided to separate out the non-Burns stuff into it's own collection.

Tales of the Jury Room
(1207 lines over 5 poems)

Collection of narrative poems in homage to the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 — 25 Oct 1400) within a present-day frame narrative.

Dark Verse
(106 lines over 5 poems)

Serious poetry — thankfully quite a small collection!

For Children
(143 lines over 8 poems)

Collection of poems for children. Short, humourous verse, mostly written for my own son. Clear of adult language and topics.

(79 lines over 9 poems)

Collection of humorous poems about poetry and writing.

Observations on UK Politics
(359 lines over 25 poems)

Collection of poems poking fun at UK political figures and events.

Songs with Substituted Lyrics
(47 lines over 7 poems)

Collection of well known songs with their lyrics substituted for my own.

Christmas Poetry
(54 lines over 5 poems)

Small collection of humorous poetry about Christmas time.