Worst Poem Ever

A blog post by Albert Semple

20 Jun 2024

In previous posts I've drawn attention to what I consider to be my better work, but I feel that may give an unrepresentative view of the type of stuff I write.

In this post I've decided to showcase my worst poem — possibly the worst poem.

Back in 2020 I was briefly a member of an online poetry group, which set a daily prompt word. Members of the groups would then write a piece of poetry that used the prompt word or was about the prompt word.

On my final day in the group, the prompt word was "Interface" and I wrote a poem that was so bad they threw me out of the group.

Here is my poem for the prompt word "Interface":

Our Mary was a Northern lass,
Who ate at such a pace!
She'd get a Pasty out the Spar
And stuff it interface.
Accessible version

This poem got me banned for life — I can't ever return to that group.