Bathroom Minimalism

A blog post by Albert Semple

22 Mar 2022

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant and author, whose 2011 book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" described the "KonMari" method of tidying up.

This involves pulling together your belongings in one place, one category at a time. Once gathered, you keep only items that "spark joy" discarding anything that does not "spark joy".

This became very fashionable, and her name became used as a verb: to Marie-Kondo something was to (brutally) tidy and organise it.

She's finished Marie Kondo,
 now the bathroom's getting cleared.
She's found redundant products
 from before I had a beard.
She's opened up the cabinet
 that is my source of shame.
The candidates for throwing out
 are more than I can name:
The grubby tub of Vaseline;
The empty tube of steroid cream;
The toothbrush that should be retired;
The 'brufen that has long expired;
The dental floss I never used;
The sleeping pills I once abused.
I'm all in favour, go for it.
 Be brutal, don't be coy.
But don't throw out my Prozac —
 they're the ones that spark my joy.
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