The Crackit Heidstane

A blog post by Albert Semple

11 Oct 2022

"Scotstober" is a month-long Twitter event where a calendar of daily words is produced in advance, and people then produce art, poetry, or share pre-existing content that references that word.

On October 11, the word is "larach" which I had to look up:

Originally this poem was called the "Crackit Larach", but that was a bit of a stretch to the definition of the word to use it to mean the foundation or plinth of a gravestone.

So I abandoned the idea of submitting this for Scotstober and used "bottom o his heidstane" rather than "larach o his heidstane". It felt like a semantic stretch for that word, but the poem was still worth capturing.

I daunered tae the cemetery
 to see ma faither's lair.
The bottom o his heid-stane:
 it wis cracked intae a pair.
I kenna how he did it,
 'cause we buried him wi' care.
It makes me wonner whit on earth
 he's up tae unner there.
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