Guest Poem — My Neighbour's Weird Things

A blog post by Albert Semple

25 Nov 2022

Another poem I spotted on social media that I had to ask the author if I could share. This one is by Mr Uku who seems to have the same obsession with rhyme and metre as myself, so I thought other blog readers would enjoy it too.

When my creepy old neighbour was finally arrested
The people all gathered round, quite interested
To see what was found in that late night police sting
So here are a few of my neighbour’s weird things.
Files full of drawings of animals kissing
Boxes of photos of kids who’ve gone missing
Jars filled with dead birds and bat’s severed wings
These are a few of my neighbours weird things
Bottles of poison to quickly end lives
Drawers filled with blood spattered, rusty old knives
A chest filled with noses and fingers with rings
These are a few of my neighbour’s strange things.
An old witch’s cauldron for mixing up potions
A rope and a basket with bottles of lotion
A pit full of children all tied up with strings
These are a few of my neighbour’s vile things.
When they took him
In that police sting
He was foaming mad
But then I remember my neighbour’s odd things
And now I don't feel so bad
Accessible version

Mr Uku us active on Mastodon and well worth a follow. You'll find him at @[email protected].

Many thanks to Mr Uku for letting me share it.