The Ghost of Art Garfunkel

A blog post by Albert Semple

29 Oct 2023

I've not created much in October — at leaast not much I can publish yet! So I bashed this one out in time for Halloween.

It's a spooky ghost story about the ghost of Art Garfunkel. Even though, at the time of writing, 82 year old Art is still living happily in New York, New York.

A colleague shared a ghostly tale
 I hadn't heard before:
They found his cousin's body dead
 Upon the bathroom floor.
The cousin often played the songs
 Of Simon and Garfunkel.
His playlist, it was shuffling,
 According to his uncle.
Apparently, he'd listened to
 A sequence of three tracks
If heard in certain order
 Causes paranormal acts.
Your next trip to the bathroom,
 In the mirror, you will find
The ghost of Art Garfunkel
 Has been creeping up behind.
Your neck will start to tingle
 Sensing Art Garfunkel's breath.
You'll find your body paralysed
 And slowly scared to death.
So something you must never say,
 According to this uncle:
"OK Google: shuffle songs
 By Simon and Garfunkel!"
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