A Text Message from my Mother

A blog post by Albert Semple

8 Dec 2023

This poem did really well on Reddit, getting over 11 thousand upvotes (although it disappeared into obscurity on all the other networks!).

But with popularity attracts muppets who wanted to debate whether it was truly "Found Poetry" as it clearly wasn't a verbatim copy of a real message.

I didn't engage — the other comments and the upvotes indicated I'd made lots of people laugh, so the detractors can crawl back under their bridgess and debate the whether "Found Poetry" needs to be a verbatim copy of real text.

Also performed it at a poetry open mic night and it went down well — enjoy!

Hello son hope the kids are
all well just wanted to check
what your plans are for
the second friday after
st swithins day next year I
know its still 18 months away
but your dad and I are
writing in the new calendar
ok Siri press send send message
send transmit message Pete
its doing it again it wont send
the message I dont know yes
I pressed the button I will just
call them bloody thing
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