To a Clown

A blog post by Albert Semple

25 Jan 2024

On Burns' night this year news broke in the UK COVID inquiry that in WhatsApp messages to her Chief of Staff, Scotland's then First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said Johnson was a "fucking clown".

We were all thinking it.

So here's my poem to Johnson for Burns' Night.

Haw, whaur ye gaun, yah tousselt rocket?
Git yer mobile oot yer pocket,
And gie's a swatch et whit you scrieved
While folk aroon the nation grieved.
Oh, had a power the gift tae gie ye
Tae see yersel as ithers see ye,
Voters cross this land agree
A fucking clown is whit ye'd see.
Accessible version

For the non Scots readers, here's a translation:

Hey, where are you going, you tousled muppet.
Get your mobile out your pocket
And give us a look at what you wrote
While voters around the country grieved.

Oh, if there was a greater power that could give you the gift
Of being able to see yourself as you are seen by others
Voters across this land agree
A fucking clown is what you'd see.