The Soldier's Song

by Albert Semple, 2004

  1. Alas, as I look on this bleak foreign land.
  2. Was sent here to fight against my fellow man.
  3. Now wounded I lie, I have done all I can,
  4.  And so I know
  5.  That I will soon
  6.  Be going home.

  7. And as I consider my last mortal day
  8. Poor Meg sits at home with our child on its way.
  9. Oh how I do wish she could hear what I say.
  10.  She's unaware
  11.  That I will not
  12.  Be going home.

  13. Oh Meg, please forgive me for what I have done:
  14. Left mother with baby and took up my gun;
  15. Sought glory and valour, but now we have none.
  16.  But carry on
  17.  Though I will not
  18.  Be coming home.

  19. Not least, spare a thought for my fatherless child.
  20. I leave in the hands of your mother so mild,
  21. A posthumous birth cannot be reconciled.
  22.  Remember me
  23.  Though I will not
  24.  Be coming home.

  25. And if there's a God in this landscape from Hell,
  26. Please welcome my soul for I tried to do well.
  27. Forgive me my pride and forgive how I fell.
  28.  Oh how I hope
  29.  That I will soon
  30.  Be going home.

by Albert Semple
30 lines over 5 stanzas.