The Online Rhyming Dictionary

by Albert Semple, 2022

  1. My on-line rhyming dictionary's
  2.  going to burst my head.
  3. I'm sure it is erroneous
  4.  the more words that I read.
  5. When looking for some rhyming words
  6.  to go with "reportage",
  7. It thinks I'll use "luggage", "package",
  8.  or even "disparage".

  9. I'll write pandemic poetry
  10.  and need a rhyme with "cough"
  11. It steers me onto words like "though",
  12.  "enough", "borough" or "bough".
  13. "Deter", that rhymes with "better",
  14.  and then if I check "meringue",
  15. The list of words it gives me
  16.  leaves me feeling quite "despairing".

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 2 stanzas.