British Units

by Albert Semple, 22 March 2023

  1. A distance for driving is stated in "miles"
  2. But our petrol is purchased in "litres".
  3. Economy's measured in "M-P-G"
  4. But the width of the car is in "metres".

  5. The heights of all people are "inches" and "feet"
  6. And then "stones" are still used for their weights
  7. The distance from Greenwich is "minutes" and "secs",
  8. While a "yonk" is the time between dates.

  9. A "Starmer" will measure a shift to the right
  10. And faux outrage is measured in "Dorries".
  11. "Prince Andrew" is used as a yardstick of shame,
  12. While the unit of lies is a "Boris".

by Albert Semple
12 lines over 3 stanzas.