Cancel Culture

by Albert Semple, 30 April 2024

  1. Rishi Sunak had his photo taken in No. 10
  2. Stood next to the Union Flag
  3. Wearing his Adidas Sambas
  4. And my Sambas haven't left the shoe cupboard since.

  5. George Galloway won the Rochdale by election
  6. And delivered his victory speech
  7. Wearing a black fedora
  8. And my fedora now lives at the bottom of my wardrobe.

  9. I grew a fun little moustache
  10. Like Charlie Chaplin wore
  11. In all his funny films
  12. But, apparently, they've been taboo since about 1939.

  13. I asked a photographer to do my LinkedIn profile photo
  14. Seated on a throne
  15. Made of the skulls of my vanquished enemies
  16. But, supposedly, that wouldn't be appropriate in a modern, progressive work environment.

  17. This rail replacement bus is taking forever.

by Albert Semple
17 lines over 5 stanzas.