Dyson Fury

by Albert Semple, 28 Dec 2023

  1. My mother frequently disapproves
  2. of some aspect of our lifestyle
  3. or consumer choice we made.

  4. She expresses this
  5. by coming round the house
  6. and angrily hoovering the place
  7. from top to bottom.

  8. We call her Dyson Fury.

  9. The cause could be something like
  10. us insisting that our children
  11.  (her grandchildren)
  12.  use car seats
  13. when their age and size dictates
  14. they are legally required
  15.  to use car seats.

  16. "That's it. I warned you.
  17. I've had it up to here with your nonsense.
  18. I'm coming round,
  19.  and I'm getting Henry out,
  20.  and you've nobody to blame but yourself!"

  21. It's the skirting boards I feel sorry for.

by Albert Semple
21 lines over 6 stanzas.