Elizabeth Truss — Prime Minister

by Albert Semple, 4 September 2023

  1. Elizabeth Truss, Elizabeth Truss,
  2. You threw our economy under a bus.
  3. The pleasure you gained from your grift was immense
  4. While cosplaying Thatcher at public expense.

  5. The hedge fund directors, Elizabeth Truss,
  6. They threw you a dinner, and gave you a fuss.
  7. They let you believe that your judgement was sound,
  8. While, under the table, they shorted the pound.

  9. The pig farms are thriving, Elizabeth Truss,
  10. The markets in China you opened for us.
  11. Our choice of fromage was disgraceful you said,
  12. Then off to Kiev with a bear on your head.

  13. We hope you got pleasure from governing us,
  14. First Lord of the Treasury, 'lizabeth Truss.
  15. You came by surprise but you didn't stay late,
  16. The shortest prime minister's tenure to date.

  17. Oh Trussabeth Liz, oh Trussabeth Liz
  18. You taught us what Tory austerity is:
  19. Its gifts for the rich and derision for us.
  20. So thanks for your service, Elizabeth Truss.

by Albert Semple
20 lines over 5 stanzas.