A Eulogy for Bob

by Albert Semple, Feb 2023

  1. We'll stop the clocks, turn off our phones,
  2.  we'll hush this makeshift kirk,
  3. And turn our thoughts to memories
  4.  of Bobby's life and work.
  5. Among his friends and relatives,
  6.  a steady rock to grip
  7. Where we could drop our anchor
  8.  while the storms raged round our ship.

  9. But sadly, now his time has passed
  10.  we're here to say goodbye
  11. To all the things he meant to us
  12.  and gave before he died.
  13. So take the gifts and lessons
  14.  that he shared along the way
  15. Recall your fondest memories
  16.  and cherish them this day.

  17. He did not come from priv'lege
  18.  - his achievements were his own.
  19. And some say he achieved far more
  20.  than others would have known.
  21. With all he had and all he knew
  22.  he tried to do the best
  23. To set his friends and loved ones
  24.  on the pathway for success.

  25. Now we can only speculate
  26.  upon the life events
  27. That shaped old Bobby's character,
  28.  and formed his common sense.
  29. Unnumbered chapters write the books
  30.  of lifetimes been and gone,
  31. And while today we close his book,
  32.  our stories carry on.

by Albert Semple
32 lines over 4 stanzas.