The Natural History Museum

by Albert Semple, 10 July 2023

  1. Within the grand Jurassic room
  2.  The wise curator sits,
  3. And idly starts to wonder
  4.  If the dinosaurs had tits.

  5. When reaching adolescence,
  6.  Did their scaly chests become
  7. A pair of swinging mammeries
  8.  To nutrify their young?

  9. How would a female T-Rex,
  10.  With short arms and bulbous breast,
  11. Contrive to put a bra on,
  12.  In the morning, getting dressed?

  13. And did the mighty brontosaur,
  14.  Whose height is so renowned
  15. Evolve with longer legs to keep
  16.  Her nipples off the ground.

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 4 stanzas.