Second Person Pronouns

A blog post by Albert Semple

18 Jan 2023

This is a Scoticism that I find gets people particularly annoyed: the second person plural pronouns — youse/yese.

This poem gives an intro and some worked examples of how they are used in different grammatical cases.

The second person pronouns,
 as they're pluralised in Scots,
Will give committed grammar nazis
 homicidal thoughts.
So here are some examples
 that I use to illustrate,
Examples of inflections
 should you care to conjugate:
Nominative: youse, e.g.
 "Youse are wrang aboot the validity a these pronouns."
Accusative: yese, e.g.
 "So Ah'm correcting yese."
Genitive: yer, e.g.
 "Yer opinions huv nae value here."
Dative: youse, e.g.
 "That's juist prescriptive linguistic haverin fae youse."
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