Sacred Spaces

A blog post by Albert Semple

23 Jan 2023

A point of view that is contentious for some, but it feels like trans or gender fluid people are the latest group that we tolerate discrimination towards, so I'm speaking up.

This poem starts with the conditional "if". I.e. if there was any evidence in existence that banning some people from toilets protected others (which I don't believe there is). The poem then applies the exclusion to other groups to illustrate how ridiculous it would be if we banned certain groups from toilets because there are some wrong-uns in that group.

They say 58% of trans people in prison are in there for sexual offences (at least someone on Reddit did), but I reckon the same statistic for MPs is 100%! As far as I know, there is only one former MP currently in prison, Imran Ahmad Khan, and he is there for sexual offences against a boy. That's the problem with percentages extrapolated from a small sample size.

I also offended a trans Redditor who thought I was promoting discrimination and exclusion, which was the opposite of my intent, so apologies to anyone who does interpret it that way.

The use of the term "Sacred Space" to describe the place people go to have a shit is also a bit weird. I've never done anything sacred in there.

If there was some proof, or some trusted report,
Or measured statistics to cite in support
That higher risk people should all be refused
Permission for access to specified loos,
If there was some evidence this would prevent
The sort of offenders with sexual intent
Committing their crimes, causing fear and alarm,
Then let's ban the people most likely to harm.
Here are the groups most deserving of bans
Before we exclude folks because they are trans:
 - All BBC Radio 1 retirees;
 - All former or currently serving MPs;
 - All British male royals;
 - All Catholic priests;
 - Professional footballers;
 - Pick-up artistes.
It seems that these groups are more likely to be
The predator types they depict on TV.
If sacred protection is really the plan,
Then these are the sorts who should face such a ban.
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And if you don't like this, you'll hate my previous work on this topic too, from May 2022:

A poem exploring the sanctity of our sacred spaces, and what types of people me might want to ban from them if there was evidence to support it.

Edit 24 January 2023

I did a bit of fact checking on my list before I published it which I'm now sharing here: