Silent Characters

A blog post by Albert Semple

3 Aug 2023

A poem with two topics. Firstly the popularity of the Tories in Scotland, and secondly the strange Scottish place names that aren't pronounced as they are spelt.

Conservative governments thieve an they lie
An it's plain for aw folks thit kin see:
We need thim as much as the toon o Milngavie
Haes a need for its N an its V.
They sell aff wir assets, corruption is rife,
The pairty kin aw git tae hell.
For we need the Cons lik Kirkcaldy in Fife
Haes a need for its auld letter L.
Tae hang wi the planet, tae hang wi wir rights,
An tae hang wi the concept a truth.
They'll disregard aethin that stauns in thir wey,
Juist lik Anstruther disregards -ruth-.
They'll no git the vote aff a embdy ah ken
An they'll no git the vote aff a me.
But votes are ignored lik the toon a Kirkcudbright
Ignores baith its D an its T.
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