Guest Poem — Auld Age Disnae Come Itsel

A blog post by Albert Semple

7 Nov 2022

This is a poem that I read and got an immediate pang of jealousy wishing I'd written it myself!

It's by Albert Kirk Jr, who is a social media contact of mine, and in this work he collates various Scots terms for miscellania into a jolly momento mori.

Mr Kirk has been very supportive of my work, including encouraging some battier ideas (i.e. the Scottish Rhyming Dictionary). I thought the kind of people who read my work would also like to read this.

A cannae feel ma hingmies;
Ma whit-d'ye-dry-it's broke;
Ma hoojimahadge is fawin tae bits;
Ma thingamajig's a joke,
A yiss tae hae a doodah;
A'v gubbins on ma heid;
But dinnae fash aboot me, pals:
At least A'm urnae deid!
Accessible version

Mr Kirk is active on both Twitter and Mastodon and is well worth a follow.