My Favourite Time of Day

by Albert Semple, 3 Mar 2023

  1. The morning walk to school
  2.  must be my favourite time of day.
  3. You help me with my coat and shoes
  4.  and set me on my way.
  5. I'll walk beside you, hand-in-hand,
  6.  describing from my mind
  7. The vehicles and buildings
  8.  that I've already designed.

  9. We'll meet familiar faces
  10.  as we wander up the brae -
  11. I'll ask you in a whisper
  12.  to arrange a date to play.
  13. Then as we reach the playground gate,
  14.  before I saunter through,
  15. I give your hand a triple squeeze
  16.  - the code for "I love you".

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 2 stanzas.