The Nanny Dog

by Albert Semple, 2022

  1. We've got an old dog
  2.  that we've had from a pup,
  3. We've cared for and loved her,
  4.  and watched her grow up.
  5. A nice friendly dog
  6.  you can trust off the lead
  7. Who'll listen for whistles
  8.  and come back with speed.

  9. She's ever so patient
  10.  with curious kids
  11. They'll poke in her earholes
  12.  and stroke her eyelids -
  13. She's never annoyed
  14.  by these bothersome acts,
  15. She loves the attention
  16.  and never reacts.

  17. She's charming and gracious
  18.  with people she'll meet
  19. And ever so gentle
  20.  when handed a treat.
  21. And after the birth
  22.  of our own baby T
  23. Helped us with parenting,
  24.  Mary and me.

  25. A big floppy dog
  26.  who will loll on my lap
  27. And gaze at me lovingly
  28.  watching me nap,
  29. Or lie in my study
  30.  to snooze while I write
  31. And check on my welfare
  32.  when working at night.

  33. Although she's my faithful
  34.  unwavering friend
  35. She isn't quite perfect,
  36.  I will not pretend:
  37. The things that she eats
  38.  give her terrible breath;
  39. And sometimes the farts she does
  40.  smell just like death;

  41. She was rather jumpy
  42.  and barked as a pup;
  43. And sometimes the garden
  44.  she'd choose to dig up.
  45. But we wouldn't swap her,
  46.  she's part of the clan,
  47. For she is our Nanny dog.
  48.  We love you, Nan!

by Albert Semple
48 lines over 6 stanzas.