It’s Awright tae Pee in the Sea (Scots)

by Albert Semple, 2022

  1. It’s awright tae pee
  2.  while ye swim in the sea.
  3. Ye kin throw a guid shy
  4.  playing fitba on Skye.
  5. Ye kin share oot yer wine
  6.  wi’ an Eberdeen quine.
  7. If ye want ye kin bide
  8.  in a bin by the Clyde.
  9. And it’s awright tae pee in the sea.

  10. Dinnae float like yer deid
  11.  in the baths at Baurheid.
  12. Dinnae huv an affair
  13.  wi’ a lassie fae Ayr.
  14. Dinnae scratch your ersehole
  15.  roon the shoaps in Maybole.
  16. Dinnae hide a deid boady
  17.  ben the castle at Brodie.

  18. But it’s awright tae pee in the sea.

  19. Dinnae fecht wae a posse
  20.  a’ neds o’er at Rothesay.
  21. Dinnae bare yer bahookie
  22.  oot the windae in Freuchie.
  23. Dinnae haulf inch a motor
  24.  fae a Fife fermer’s dochter.
  25. Dinnae dae genocide
  26.  cuttin’ roon Mornin’side.

  27. But it’s awright tae pee in the sea.

by Albert Semple
27 lines over 5 stanzas.