Mair than Juist a Bad Poet (Scots)

by Albert Semple, 11 Jan 2023

  1. Ye say Ah'm bad at poyums
  2. Cos Ah ayeweys make them rhyme,
  3. Ah've mony ither talents
  4. That Ah cannae dae sae fine:

  5. Ah'm rubbish at the dancin;
  6. An Ah'm nasal when Ah speak;
  7. Ah'm no that guid at hygiene;
  8. An mah table manners reek;

  9. Ah'm bad at drivin motors;
  10. An Ah cannae chinge a wheel;
  11. An Mrs Semple telt me
  12. That Ah'm shite in bed as weel.

  13. So dinnae just dismiss me,
  14. Cos my poyums urnae braw.
  15. Ah'm no juist bad at rhyme,
  16. Ah'm bad at ither hings an aw.

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 4 stanzas.