Freedom of the Press

by Albert Semple, 11 Dec 2022

  1. The freedom of press is a British tradition
  2. That holds to account any rogue politician:
  3. The freedom to print any facts that are true
  4. About what our government ministers do.

  5. Elected officials are all scrutinised
  6. To check their positions are not compromised
  7. And let our historic democracy function,
  8. Unless they stump up for a super-injunction:

  9. So if you can stomach solicitors' fees
  10. (A quarter-a-milion or so, if you please)
  11. We'll silence reporters with troublesome scoops
  12. And keep dirty secrets clean off of the books.

  13. A privilege closed off to regular faces
  14. Who can't afford lawyers for privacy cases.
  15. They just have to take it, accept fair-is-fair,
  16. Unless they've a quarter-a-million to spare.

  17. For if you have money, we'll hide out of sight
  18. The troublesome truths that the press want to write.
  19. We'll get a court order, we'll leverage clout.
  20. A super-injunction — the proles won't find out.

by Albert Semple
20 lines over 5 stanzas.