So Stop the Clocks

by Albert Semple, 15 September 2022

  1. So stop the clocks, and hush the dog.
  2.  The curtains should be drawn.
  3. We'll cover mirrors with a veil
  4.  but keep the telly on.

  5. We'll close the food banks for the day,
  6.  The poor will go without.
  7. And cancer treatments are postponed,
  8.  The sick can wait throughout.

  9. Eject the guests from Centre Parcs
  10.  to join the mourning lines.
  11. We'll silence any protests,
  12.  confiscating empty signs.

  13. The wealthy in the capital,
  14.  their anguish on display,
  15. Their iPhones raised up in salute
  16.  recording while they pray.

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 4 stanzas.