The Queen's Speech

by Albert Semple, May 2022

  1. I'm ninety six years old (amen!)
  2. And now, for three score years and ten,
  3. Been dutifully at the helm,
  4. As Monarch of this island realm.

  5. And often in my regal brief
  6. Permit the ruling party's chief
  7. To form our nation's government:
  8. A lady, twice; most times a gent.

  9. All sorts of people did I see
  10. As First Lord of the Treasury,
  11. But you are different from the rest,
  12. And not just in the way you're dressed:

  13. Churchill brought a sense of class
  14. With leadership and gravitas;
  15. While Wilson found he could disarm
  16. Us with his pipe and Northern charm;

  17. And Heath, although expendable,
  18. Was found to be agreeable;
  19. Then Thatcher was a different kind,
  20. As our first female, then resigned.

  21. But you stand out, beyond compare,
  22. Except perhaps for Mr Blair:
  23. Although a different sort from you,
  24. He was a lying shitbag too.

by Albert Semple
24 lines over 6 stanzas.