Sacred Spaces

by Albert Semple, 22 Jan 2023

  1. If there was some proof, or some trusted report,
  2. Or measured statistics to cite in support
  3. That higher risk people should all be refused
  4. Permission for access to specified loos,

  5. If there was some evidence this would prevent
  6. The sort of offenders with sexual intent
  7. Committing their crimes, causing fear and alarm,
  8. Then let's ban the people most likely to harm.

  9. Here are the groups most deserving of bans
  10. Before we exclude folks because they are trans:

  11.  - All BBC Radio 1 retirees;
  12.  - All former or currently serving MPs;
  13.  - All British male royals;
  14.  - All Catholic priests;
  15.  - Professional footballers;
  16.  - Pick-up artistes.

  17. It seems that these groups are more likely to be
  18. The predator types they depict on TV.
  19. If sacred protection is really the plan,
  20. Then these are the sorts who should face such a ban.

by Albert Semple
20 lines over 5 stanzas.