Wakefield and Tiverton

by Albert Semple, 24 Jun 2022

  1. With two by-election results in the press
  2. The Tory majority's now a bit less.
  3. Results of the voting were never in doubt.
  4. Recall how the vacancies did come about?

  5. A Tory in jail for abusing a kid,
  6. The other consumed a pornography vid,
  7. But not just discretely, he broke a taboo,
  8. He did it at work where his colleagues could view.

  9. So here's some advice for our future election,
  10. Exclude certain candidate types from selection:
  11. Refrain from selecting an addict of porn;
  12. And choosing a paedophile just attracts scorn.

by Albert Semple
12 lines over 3 stanzas.