Bathroom Minimalism

by Albert Semple, March 2022

  1. She's finished Marie Kondo,
  2.  now the bathroom's getting cleared.
  3. She's found redundant products
  4.  from before I had a beard.

  5. She's opened up the cabinet
  6.  that is my source of shame.
  7. The candidates for throwing out
  8.  are more than I can name:

  9. The grubby tub of Vaseline;
  10. The empty tube of steroid cream;
  11. The toothbrush that should be retired;
  12. The 'brufen that has long expired;
  13. The dental floss I never used;
  14. The sleeping pills I once abused.

  15. I'm all in favour, go for it.
  16.  Be brutal, don't be coy.
  17. But don't throw out my Prozac -
  18.  they're the ones that spark my joy.

by Albert Semple
18 lines over 4 stanzas.