The Ghost of Art Garfunkel

by Albert Semple, 29 October 2023

  1. A colleague shared a ghostly tale
  2.  I hadn't heard before:
  3. They found his cousin's body dead
  4.  Upon the bathroom floor.

  5. The cousin often played the songs
  6.  Of Simon and Garfunkel.
  7. His playlist, it was shuffling,
  8.  According to his uncle.

  9. Apparently, he'd listened to
  10.  A sequence of three tracks
  11. If heard in certain order
  12.  Causes paranormal acts.

  13. Your next trip to the bathroom,
  14.  In the mirror, you will find
  15. The ghost of Art Garfunkel
  16.  Has been creeping up behind.

  17. Your neck will start to tingle
  18.  Sensing Art Garfunkel's breath.
  19. You'll find your body paralysed
  20.  And slowly scared to death.

  21. So something you must never say,
  22.  According to this uncle:
  23. "OK Google: shuffle songs
  24.  By Simon and Garfunkel!"

by Albert Semple
24 lines over 6 stanzas.