WFH Rituals

by Albert Semple, 6 April 2023

  1. My starting ritual, nine o'clock,
  2. I brew some tea and then restock
  3. The biscuit plate to see me through
  4. To five o'clock (or maybe two).

  5. My second ritual, nine fifteen:
  6. The morning meeting with the team.
  7. We set the business for the day,
  8. Unblocking problems in the way.

  9. At half past nine is ritual three,
  10. The ritual that's most dear to me:
  11. I fetch my altar, and my knife
  12. And sacrifice a mammal's life.

  13. A mouse, a rat, a fox, a shrew.
  14. If pushed, a neighbour's cat will do.
  15. Dispatch it quickly, check it's dead,
  16. Upon my desk the entrails spread.

  17. In modern times, we work from home
  18. And many hours are spent alone.
  19. Our mental health we must maintain:
  20. These little rituals keep us sane.

by Albert Semple
20 lines over 5 stanzas.