The Dark Abyss

by Albert Semple, 29 Dec 2022

  1. She's kicked me out, this time for real.
  2. I'm in my car, behind the wheel.
  3. The hotel car-park smells of piss.
  4. I'm staring at a dark Ibis.

  5. A torch within reception shone,
  6. I guess the power must have gone.
  7. How did my marriage come to this?
  8. I step into the dark Ibis.

  9. Reception say no checking in
  10. Until electric does begin
  11. To get their systems back online,
  12. So from the dark Ibis, decline.

  13. So I retreat, but not too far,
  14. Resolved to sleeping in my car.
  15. I step back from the precipice,
  16. Returning from the dark Ibis.

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 4 stanzas.