Awaiting Gentrification...

by Albert Semple, 17 Nov 2022

  1. Me and all my neighbours,
  2.  having lived here quite a while,
  3. We know each other's names
  4.  and always give a nod and smile
  5. But all of that might change quite soon,
  6.  at least it is implied:
  7. Estate agents are saying that
  8.  we're being gentrified!

  9. They say they're bringing coffee shops,
  10.  and florists to the road,
  11. Mums riding round on cargo bikes
  12.  with children as their load.
  13. A nick-nack shop, a gallery,
  14.  a fancy new boutique.
  15. We'll all be middle class,
  16.  and we will change the way we speak.

  17. My house will not be 16B -
  18.  it needs to have a name.
  19. We cannot drink prosecco now -
  20.  we'll only drink champagne.
  21. Celebs will live among us,
  22.  proper ones off BBC,
  23. Like Brendan Lynch the runner-up
  24.  from Bake-off season three.

by Albert Semple
24 lines over 3 stanzas.