The Gigolo

by Albert Semple, 14 June 2023

  1. A mouse took a walk in a deep dark wood
  2. A fox saw the mouse and the fox got wood.
  3. "Where are you going to pretty brown mouse?
  4. Come for a date in my bachelor's house."

  5. "That's terribly kind of you, Fox, but no.
  6. I paid for a night with a gigolo."
  7. "A gigolo? What's a gigolo"
  8. "A gigolo, why, didn't you know?

  9. "He's very well groomed, with no hairs on his back.
  10. He's strong and athletic, and great in the sack."
  11. "Where are you meeting him?"
  12. "Here by these rocks.
  13. For fifty quid extra, he'd spatchcock a fox."

  14. "Spatchcock a fox? I'm off!" Fox said.
  15. "So long, sexy mouse," and away he sped.
  16. "Silly old Fox. Doesn't he know?
  17. I've no need to pay for a gigolo."

by Albert Semple
17 lines over 4 stanzas.