The Crypto King

by Albert Semple, Dec 2022

  1. I sunk all our savings in crypto accounts.
  2. My friends got invested for different amounts.
  3. "Decentralised banking!" I would reassure,
  4. "The Blockchain will keep all our money secure."

  5. But crypto exchanges — I was quite surprised
  6. To learn that they weren't really decentralised.
  7. And now they're collapsing, it's taking its toll
  8. To learn all our money went in a black hole.

  9. My friends are all skint, and they're all blaming me,
  10. Postponing retirement to seventy-three.
  11. But when their financial predicaments ease
  12. Perhaps I could tempt them with some NFTs...

by Albert Semple
12 lines over 3 stanzas.