Things I Learned from my Australian Penpal

by Albert Semple, 26 August 2023

  1. I don't know how the planet turns,
  2.  Or why, but I believe
  3. That when we're having Christmas Day
  4.  They're having New Year's Eve.

  5. Their seasons are inverted
  6.  So they keep their own routine.
  7. Like when we're having Easter,
  8.  That's their time for Halloween.

  9. Their mammals can lay eggs
  10.  That's why koalas build a nest.
  11. They're South of the equator:
  12.  They get sunrise in the West.

  13. Their plumbing works the opposite
  14.  From how most people think:
  15. The taps are twisted clockwise
  16.  When you need to fill the sink.

  17. They change the names of products:
  18.  They have one called Vegemite.
  19. We have the same stuff here
  20.  Except we call it Araldite.

by Albert Semple
20 lines over 5 stanzas.