A Massive Bequest

by Albert Semple, 6 August 2023

  1. When I was at student, I dated a lady
  2.  Whose flatmate posessed a pet cat.
  3. The flatmate was awful, and used to get stroppy
  4.  Whenever I stayed in the flat.

  5. One Saturday night, we were out on a date,
  6.  And then after some drinks we withdrew,
  7. Returned to her flatshare where during the night
  8.  I urgently needed a poo!

  9. The toilet was locked as the flatmate was in it -
  10.  My turd was beginning to crest.
  11. But there in the hall was the cat's litter tray,
  12.  So I left him a massive bequest.

  13. Got up in the morning, she'd written a note
  14.  That we found in the small kitchenette:
  15. "The cat left a stool — I think he's unwell.
  16.  I've taken him off to the vet."

by Albert Semple
16 lines over 4 stanzas.