My Sister — the Facebook Entrepreneur

by Albert Semple, 30 November 2023

  1. She sells sea shells on the sea shore.
  2. She services snow ploughs at the south pole.
  3. She sells chocolate teapots in the carpark next to Aldi.
  4. She even sells vasectomies to Vatican Monsignors.

  5. She's tried selling ejector seats to helicopter pilots
  6. And ashtrays to cigar-smoking motorcyclists.
  7. She recently tendered for a Defence contract
  8. To install catflaps on nuclear submarines.

  9. But as far as I can tell,
  10. From her recent social media activity
  11. Her primary source of income remains
  12. The aforementioned sale of sea shells on the sea shore.

by Albert Semple
12 lines over 3 stanzas.